Muvmag Gendersurvey

Hey, Muvmag macht eine Studie zum Thema Gender in Parkour.
Sehr kurz aber vielleicht trotzdem interessant was rauskommt. Vielleicht will ja wer mitmachen, ist im Link unten.

"The subject of gender equality has been a popular discussion in parkour for some time now.
Over and over, we ask, “What is so different about not being a guy in parkour”? As well, “How can we be more inclusive?” To answer these questions honestly, we need the input of many voices, including yours.

This project, Gender in Parkour, hopes to help address this by listening to as many people as we can manage. Men, women, and genderqueer folk. If you practice parkour your answers to these questions are fundamental to informing a more inclusive parkour community.

And, it only takes 6 minutes!"

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