Underground worlds: graffiti, skateboarding and virus writting


Zwar gibt es keinen direkten Bezug auf Parkour, jedoch finde ich besonders den Absatz ---\ The hijacking of standards \--- sehr lesenswert da er eine interessante Blickweise auf die Regulierung und Zurückgewinnung des öffentlichen Lebensraums bietet


There are many, for each collective practice in which there is transmission of knowledge
(often through zines, we will come back to this).
Of course, we can mention the vx scene (the scene which gathers people who write viruses and work on
on the techniques involved);
the cracking scene (the one that regroups the different groups of software crackers), but also
scenes that evolve mainly in “real life”, like the skateboard scene at home, your local graffiti scene, etc.
or your punk scene.