Parkour Training in English in Vienna

Dear parkour enthusiast,
My name is Andrea, 31, from Italy and recently I moved to Vienna. Since a couple of years I started running but I would like to try new things and know the city better so I though about taking some introductory training to parkour, to learn the basics and the tricks to do it properly.

My german is still below the threshold for basic communication, so I was wandering if you about any parkour trainings in English or if any of you would like to show me some basics and than have a new partner to train with! :smiley:

All the best, stay healthy


Hey Andrea, great to see you here!

feel free to join our Forum Meeting which takes place every Sunday at 13:00. We meet up at Schwedenplatz and move to a spot from there. At the spot, we warm up together and for first time participants there will be a beginners workshop.

We often have people visiting from all over the world and will also hold the warmup/beginners workshop in English if needed

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That’s great! See you one of these Sundays than.

Dear Parkourers, I noticed that there is a whatsapp group for the FORUM, Tuesdayness, or JAM. May I ask how to join the whatsapp group? I’m a total beginner and I’m really interested in trying some starting activities with you:)
Many thanks!

You can find the link for the whatsapp group here: Über die Kategorie Traceur sucht Traceur

If you’re a total beginner, I’d reccomend joining uns at a Forum Meeting every sunday at 13:00.

This week there won’t be many people there as we’re on a community trip to the Blockheide but next week there will be more people attending.

Many thanks!

I was just about to make basically this same post. I’m 30, from the US, have been training alone for basically one year, and looking for people to train with in English. I’d be happy to train together if you’re still looking!